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Cancer Prevention Lab

How will this study Involve me?

Once you are determined eligible to participate in this study, we will collect baseline data from you, including fasting blood, urine samples and body composition measurements. During your initial visit, you will also be asked to complete various study questionnaires. Additionally, you will be fitted with an Actiheart device to wear for 1 week in order to measure your energy expenditure. During your second visit, you will receive information regarding your body composition (body fat versus lean tissue) as well as your energy requirements based on your metabolic rate and energy expenditure. You will also be asked to fill out further questionnaires to help determine whether you are ready to make the commitment required to participate in this study, and discuss your food preferences to identify the best dietary pattern for you. If you are assigned to one of the intervention groups, you will be asked to come in for 9 additional clinic visits and to attend 5 group classes over a 25 week period. The Clinical Coordinator will go over the details of your meal plan at the onset of your involvement in the study, and help you plan your meals and make the necessary changes to produce weight loss on an ongoing basis.

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