What is Choice?
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Cancer Prevention Lab

What is Choice?

CHOICE is a clinical research study designed for breast cancer survivors to help identify whether certain weight loss dietary patterns will change indicators (laboratory measurements) of risk for breast cancer recurrence. The diets being evaluated are either high or low in carbohydrate availability. The goal of the weight loss program is for you to lose approximately 1 pound per week for a 6-month period or until you reach your ideal body weight for your height. You will be expected to follow a prescribed diet plan, with guidance from a Clinical Coordinator, through individual and group meetings every 2 weeks for the duration of the six-month intervention. We will also be including exercise as a component to help you lose weight. You will be provided with a pedometer to measure your steps on a daily basis, and you will be prescribed the appropriate number of daily steps to meet your weight loss goal. This will likely require you to increase your level of physical activity.

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